By: Sammie Teran On: November 19, 2015 In: Holidays Comments: 0

Here at Puakea Ranch we have a lot to appreciate. From the breathtaking scenery, to the ivory horses that enchant our ranch with a simplistic fairytale quality. As I...

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By: Sammie Teran On: November 05, 2015 In: Weddings Comments: 0

Destination weddings seem to be all the rage in 2015, so here is the scoop on why: 1. All about the numbers- When planning a destination wedding, the ability...

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By: Sammie Teran On: October 15, 2015 In: The Big Island Comments: 0

Waking up at Puakea Ranch is sort of a surreal experience. You know those dream sequences Hollywood features in movies where you wake up in a beautiful white room,...

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