By: Sammie Teran On: October 15, 2015 In: The Big Island Comments: 0

Waking up at Puakea Ranch is sort of a surreal experience. You know those dream sequences Hollywood features in movies where you wake up in a beautiful white room, with a breeze flowing from the open french doors, and your hair is beautifully curled? Puakea Ranch is basically like that, without the hair stylist on call. Hawaii is home to so many beautiful pieces of nature. One of my favorites is the beautiful and unique flowers that call this wonderful island home. These creations, though gentle in appearance, have powerful meanings. Here are a few:


Hibiscus- Hibiscus is the state flower, a staple to Hawaii. This flower actually has two meanings for women. If a woman wears a Hibiscus flower on her right ear, it means she is open to new promises. However, if a woman wears the flower on the left ear, it means she is already apart of a relationship.


Plumeria- A flower that is featured in Leis. The Plumeria symbolizes perfection and new beginnings.


Bird of Paradise- Though eclectic and bold in image, the Bird of Paradise is actually the ultimate symbol of Joy.


Orchid- Although this flower is most common to own or see. The Orchid has a influential statement,  it symbolizes the ultimate refinement of beauty.


I hope that next time I catch a glance of a plumeria, or share a moment with a orchid, I will allow it to take me breath away not just by its’ beauty, but by it’s significance as well.



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