By: Sammie Teran On: November 05, 2015 In: Weddings Comments: 0

Destination weddings seem to be all the rage in 2015, so here is the scoop on why:

1. All about the numbers- When planning a destination wedding, the ability to narrow down the guest list get super easy. It allows your guests and you to really define the closeness and intention of each relationship.

2. That good ol’ R and R- most of the planning and fine tuning must be done prior to your arrival. So when you actually arrive you AND your guests will be able to kick back and enjoy.

3. Remember that time when?- Destination weddings are simply unforgettable for everyone involved. It is truly a unique experience.

4. Never be ordinary- 2 million couples get married each year. Less than 25% choose a destination wedding. That’s just simple math.

5. Start your honeymoon before the moon is out- This means less travel required after the wedding, and for anyone who has been married knows, that means A LOT.

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