By: Sammie Teran On: May 25, 2016 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

We went through a very emotional break up recently… with our old website. It was tough cause we were together for so long. We’ve mourned, we ate ice cream, watched romcoms, the whole shabang. Now we went shopping, got a new outfit, got our haircut, and we are ready to show you the new us! Thanks to Hue Creative, we have spent weeks perfecting our website, for your viewing and usage pleasure, here are a few things we got super pumped about and you probably will be to:

Booking- We have made booking super easy, (and super cute if we don’t say so ourselves). If you are ever ready to book in your exploration on the website. Just hit this hand “Ready to Book” pineapple. It will direct you straight to where you need to go, do worry about finding it, it follows you to every page you wander to

Pictures of our Property- Did we mention how we love Karen Loudon? With this new website we have photos of the property like you have never seen before. We really wanted to give you a “feeling” of staying on the ranch, without that corporate cookie cutter collage. Simply click on “Tour the Ranch”, and then on one of our cottages, like this one.

Preferred Vendor List- We know our events and weddings look like they come straight out of a magazine. But it’s all because of the wonderful creative people we get to work with. Now we have a handy list that directs you straight to their website.

Online Store- We are still working on merch, but we have an online store, and its gonna pretty amazing.

You- We love being apart of your special moments, and we want to continue to be apart of them for a very long time. We hope this new website will be a testament of how passionate we are to connect with you all and keep doing life together.

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