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Your first time on the Island can be a whirlwind of excitement and confusion. Here is a helpful guide to the  Pidgin Slang that will make you feel JUST like a native:

Lets start out easy

ALOHA (uh-LOW-ha) – A greeting. Can mean hello, goodbye, or love.

BODDA YOU? (BAH-dah yoo) – Are you bothered by this?

BRAH – A friend or buddy.

EH? – You know?

FO’ REAL? (foh-REAL) – Are you serious?

LOCAL STYLE – The way people do things in Hawaii.

MAHALO (mah-HAH-loh) – Thank you.

MAKAI (muh-KYH) – A direction towards the sea.

MAUKA (MOW-kuh) – A direction towards the mountain.

MO BETTAH (moh BEH-tah) – Much better. A much better idea.

NAH NAH NAH – Just kidding.

NO CAN (NOH cahn) – Can’t do. No way.

ONO (OH-noh) – Good or great.

PAU (POW) – Done.

SLIPPAHS (SLEE-pahs) – Rubber sandals. Flip-flops.

TALK STORY – To talk about something. To chat.

WIKI WIKI (WICK-ee-WICK-ee) – Fast.

Hope this insider information helps with your visit, oh and A’ole pilikia ( that means you’re welcome, but you knew that, right?).

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