By: Puakea Ranch On: March 11, 2019 In: The Big Island Comments: 0

Here at the Ranch we have the incredible gift of knowing and working with the island artist Calley O’Neill. Her work inspires a connection to the land, each other and ourselves. We are celebrating with her because she was recently chosen (out of 300+ applicants) to create a new public art piece at the Kona Airport. Which will be seen by 3,000,000 people each year.

Calley is one of our Ranch Experts and teaches private art classes to our guests by request. Her talent is such a gift and we are so proud to know her. As well as private art workshops, Calley is also available for private yoga classes at the Ranch for our guests.

We are not surprised that Calley was chosen to create such an impactful piece for our island and all the people who visit. The Kona Airport mural will be 12′ by 300′ long and be an inspiration to many. The message behind the mural, according to Calley is;

Malama ‘Aina means “Take care of the land! Take care of that which takes care of us!”

Please visit Calley O’Neill’s site and learn about all of the incredible work and things she is doing. She has an upcoming weekend of rejuvenation in Oregon and many more things happening.

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