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Did you know that original works from local artists can be found in all of our heavenly cottages?  Puakea Ranch proudly supports our local artist community and we invite you to do the same. The image seen above is from a painting session on our very grounds.  We regularly invite the Plain Air Painters to the ranch to capture the beauty of Puakea and the surrounding land.  Let us know if you’d like recommendations for local galleries because we love to support the artists of Hawaii and North Kohala.

This weekend will be an excellent chance to support the artist community in our neighborhood .  This upcoming Saturday, April 14th, will be the perfect day to join us as we celebrate all the art that North Kohala (and its students) have to offer.  Kohala CoLab is putting on a student showcase.  They claim the mission of  “promoting local arts collaborations in North Kohala.”

According to the event page, Saturday’s event runs from 4pm – 8pm at KIC in Kamehameha Park.  There will be art, design, video, poetry , performance, and culinary arts by and for students. What more could you want?

For more details visit their event page! And don’t forget to come say hello at the ranch while you are in the area.

Artwork:  , from a plein air painting session at Puakea Ranch

If you are interested in painting with one of our local painter during a Plein Air painting session please email us at [email protected]

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