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There is nothing quite like going into the garden and pulling up the carrots that you are about to eat. Not to mention how good eating fresh and picked fruits and vegetables are for you! Did you know, when you stay at Puakea Ranch, the garden is included and a big part of the value and your vacation experience? On top of that, it is also another very beautiful part of the ranch to explore.

We all know how toxic the mass-produced, preservative-laden foods are for us, but who has the time and space to keep up a big garden and pickle your extra veggies? We do!! We are happy to be a part of the food revolution and we want to reconnect you to the land and our food sources.

We bring the farmers market to you 7 days a week! From the farm fresh eggs to the towering mango and coconut trees and our luscious garden, we want our guests to eat healthy to be happy! What you consume has a direct link to your mood, energy levels, and overall well being. Going on vacation can often mean a lot of dining out and less healthy options. Our well-stocked kitchens allow you to enjoy cooking with a gorgeous sunset view in your home away from home.

In keeping with the agricultural roots of North Kohala, Puakea Ranch is committed to providing a big garden with fresh herbs, produce and eggs to our guests whenever possible. The garden is an all you can eat smorgasbord of herbs, greens, roots and more! AND it is included with your stay! Just think about how much you spent at Whole foods last time… ok, don’t think about it. So be sure to pop into the Puakea Ranch Garden during your stay. Say Aloha to Fara the farmer on Wednesday afternoons! She can let you know what is ready to eat!

And, for you healthy meat lovers, head to the Waimea Butcher Shop and ask for Lewis Cattle Co. cuts! Scott Lewis is a 5Th generation rancher, descending from “Johnny” or Masato Kawamoto, who immigrated to Hawaii from Hiroshima Japan. Yoshi, Masa & Thelma were Masato’s children, all born here on Puakea Ranch. “Johnny”, Masa and Yoshi were Parker Ranch Foreman. Scott Lewis is carrying on the ranching roots of his o’hana on the same lands he forefathers did. We honor and respect the ranching roots of the Kawamoto/Lewis Family and Hawaii Island. We proudly support the Waimea Butcher Shop and Lewis Cattle Co.

Please Eat Local when visiting our island paradise!


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