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The pineapples invading our ranch are anything but a new occurrence. Stepping back into the early 1900’s a love story started that would build and create this iconic boutique getaways families enjoy all year round. If you know anything about the history of Puakea you know about our main man Yoshi. However there was a girl that you might have not heard of that also play an influential part of this story. Young Margaret’s family immigrated form Portugal in the early 1900’s. Her family worked on the Pineapple cannery in North Kohala, next door to the ranch. As Margaret and Yoshi began their journey, so did he twining of their culture, values, and traditions. In the spirit of keeping Margaret’s family roots alive at the ranch, we decided to honor her family by growing the same delicious fruits in our beautiful getaway hundreds of families call home for a week or two each year. We can’t wait to see our pineapple gardens continue to grow! When you come to the ranch, our gift to you is a Fresh Yummy Pineapple. You enjoy it or leave it for us if you don’t care for pineapples! Most of the big island pineapples come from Maui. We want to slowly see that change so that all of the pineapple enjoyed in Kohala comes from Kohala. Once you have reached the end of your stay with us, leave the top and we re plant it in our garden. If you want to keep track of it, you can make a marker with our own art, comments or just your name and date you were our guest that we will put it next to your personal pineapple. Next time you return you just might get to enjoy it! Pineapples typically peak in the summer months and can sometimes take up to a year to be ready to eat. Now there is something to sink your teeth into.

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