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Summer is officially here and at the Ranch we are celebrating.  This season is the perfect chance to plan a trip with friends and family or do a staycation in the sun somewhere local.  Whatever you plan for the months ahead we wanted to remind you of a key player in your summer enjoyment – our Ocean.  

You may remember last summer we wrote about the damaging effects of sunscreen on our coral reefs.  There are so many amazing companies that are working hard to protect our skin and the reefs.  Snorkels and Fins, an online hub for all things Scuba, has written an article that really digs into the ways that chemicals harm our reefs and what we can do to protect ourselves, our beautiful oceans and our coral reefs. 

Did you know that 14,000 TONS of sunscreen washes off of us every year into the ocean? Snorkels and Fins “dives” into the research that has been done as well as what ingredients we need to be looking out for when we purchase our sunblock. Check out their full blog here: Snorkels and Fins – sunscreen damage.

Another way we can all make a difference in our oceans is phasing out single use plastic bottles.  Plastic water bottles are a huge issues for our planet.  Those bottles so often turn into trash that floats around in our oceans and harms the ocean life. 

Did you known that at The Ranch, we gave up using tiny single use plastic bottles over 5 years ago?  We replaced them with refillable glass bottle for all bath and body products in our cottages. Hand soap and shampoo no longer need to be tossed, but rather refilled. There are so many giant resorts (on the island and off) that still throw away tons of tiny plastic bottles constantly.  As a company and as a part of the community we are committed to sustainable tourism.  Our goal is always low impact while being eco responsible in order to protect our beautiful island and planet.

Join us as we make small changes every day to protect this beautiful place we all call home.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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