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I woke up this morning to find this story on my amazing friend Lindsay’s Facebook wall. I would say more but there is really no need to.

“To the Person Who Took My Ring,

I want you to know that I am not mad at you. Truly. I was angry this afternoon and cried more tears than I would like to admit to (sorry to anyone who witnessed this at work) – but now as the initial shock has worn off I want you to know that I forgive you.

I would, however, like to ask you a favor. You see, you took something very special from me – not the ring, but what the ring meant to me. I was very blessed to have been given that ring from a wonderful guy. He spent months saving for it, months designing it, and months waiting for the moment that I would be ready to receive it. The ring represents how much he cared and loved for me. What kills me is not that fact that the ring is gone, but that I was careless when I took it off to wash my hands and gave you the opportunity to take it. I disrespected something that the person I love most poured his heart into – only to let me know how loved I am. And while he is BEYOND wonderful and has nothing but a forgiving heart and would never even suggest I did anything wrong – the guilt I have for feeling as if I gilted this gift he gave me will haunt me for a long time.

You took it. That can’t be changed, but please give me a little peace of mind. Now that you have my gift, don’t disrespect it. If you plan to (or already have) sold it, please use the money for good. Don’t waste the money on anything that will cause damage to you or others. Only use the money for good. If you have debts, pay them off. If you have a family, make sure they have food and shelter this month. If you have those – bless someone else. Buy dinner for someone who may go without it tomorrow. If you keep it for yourself, treasure it. Take care of it (and do NOT leave it on any counters even for a moment). I was blessed to have it for a short time – please remembered you are blessed to have it now.

I’m lucky. I have someone by my side who loves me with or without that ring on my finger. He’ll stand by me when I’m at my worst and at my best. I don’t know your story, but I hope that if you don’t have that person that one day you find them. I hope they take the time to save and give you a beautiful ring as a gift too. I hope then you understand how special and how much it means. I hope no one ever takes that gift from you – but if the do, I hope you are with a man who is as wonderful and understanding as mine is.

At the end of the day it’s just a ring. A decorative piece of hardware. Even though it’s gone from my hand, I still have the guy that gave it to me and THAT is the greatest blessing of all (seriously… the BEST). I don’t care that I may have to go a long time without a ring because no matter what I get a lifetime of fun with my best friend at my side.

The memory of today will be painful for a while, but I have to thank you for reminding me how lucy I am. I may have lost a ring, but I’ll never lose my partner in crime (the fun life adventures not-actually-illegal-or-hurting-anyone type of crime).

So please, what the gift you stole represents. Take care of it and respect it.

Cheers and blessings,


This is what love looks like, not just for people you hold close, but for the world.

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